Mental Health

Personality Disorders.
Working with Psychosis and schizophrenia, helping my clients to think and see things with a clear vision.

Helping you to achieve and overcome obstacles that are sometimes difficult to control.

Here at the Pebble Stone Away Hypnotherapy premises you can enjoy a wonderful feeling of calmness and security.

I offer a Psychotherapy approach therapy (talk therapy) where you can talk openly about what is happening in your life and finding out what is important to you and, discover how to find it.

I work with you and help you to explore and achieve, helping you to find a balance in your life.

Discussing your, dreams, goals and working out how you can make it happen for yourself.
You and I working together and helping you to be the best you can be.

Please note: My therapy room does have extra seating if you would like to bring someone with you.

Mental Health.
Working with Psychosis and schizophrenia.

Therapy sessions 50 / 60mins
Fee per session £60.00

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